How to Use List Templates

OK, the first thing you should probably know is that List Templates apply to the following subsections: Main; Saved; Categories; Tags; Author and SearchList Templates will not determine the look of posts/articles/pages*, you can do this later on in Article Templates.

Secondly, the Template selected for Main Template will automatically become the default Template for all the consequent subsections if they are marked as default.

*Please note that if you wish to override the look of individual posts/articles/pages when viewed in a list format, you must opt to allow this customization. List Templates >> chosen Template >> Article Item >> Allow Mixed Styles (check box)

So, let’s begin!

After following the instructions in How to Use Templates, you will find yourself in the Templates Setup section of your MoviPress dashboard.  Next to the Default Templates tab you will see another tab named List Templates – please go ahead and click on this tab.

  • Namein the given text box input a name for your Template (any name that doesn’t include default!)
  • Show Statusbarcheck the box if you would like the statusbar of the phone to be displayed when the app is open and in use (ie. the very top bar found on the phone’s display which usually indicates the time and unopened notifications). If you don’t want to display the statusbar, leave the box unchecked
  • Border – here you can increase/decrease the border size of the listed posts/articles. Changes to this can be instantly previewed on the model display on the right-hand side, so play about with the size until you are happy with the result
  • Background time to choose your background colour! Click on the small colour square and either choose from the given colour gradient or input the hex code in the textbox next to the top colour square (there should already be a hex code in the text box, just look for the #).  Don’t forget to use the very useful colour encyclopaedia
  • Title Type – leave Content Title selected if you want to display in the app toolbar the titles of the content published. Select Custom Title from the dropdown list if you wish to display your own personalized title – this title must then be input in the given textbox
  • Font Family – time to choose a font! As previously mentioned, fonts cannot be previewed here just yet, so for sake of ease, use the website provided (  Once you’ve chosen your font, delete the name of any existing font shown and either search for the new font alphabetically in the given dropdown list or start typing its name.  Oh, and don’t forget to click on the name to actually select the font!
  • Text Align – choose from the dropdown list if you would like to align your text to the left, center or right.
  • Text Size – ranging from 8 to 24, select which size you would like your title text to be. This can also be previewed instantly
  • Background – time to choose the background colour of your toolbar! Just as before, choose your colour by clicking on the colour square and selecting from the gradient or inputting the hex code.  Instantly preview your changes on the model display
  • Icons/Text Colour – here you can select what colour you want to display the toolbar title text and icons in. Click on the colour square and pick a colour!  And, as above, the changes can be previewed instantly.  Use if you are having trouble pairing colours
  • Background – choose the background colour of the posts/articles when displayed in a list format. As above, click on the colour square, pick a colour and preview your options on the model screen
  • Allow Mixed Styles – as aforementioned, if you want some articles/posts to stand out from others when shown in a list format, you must check the box provided. If the box is left unchecked, all articles/posts in list format will follow the same, uniform design as set out in the selected Template
  • Custom Border – ???????
  • Show – if you wish to display the titles of the posts/articles when in list format, please make sure the given box is checked as this will display the customization options. If not, it must be left unchecked and you can skip to the next subsection
  • Font Family; Text Align; Text Size; Text Colour – following the same instructions as in Toolbar, customize the look and size of the article/post titles
  • Show Author – check box to display the name of the author on article/post, or leave unchecked to not display the name
  • Show Date – check box to display the date on which the article/post was published, or leave unchecked to not display the date

(If both boxes are left unchecked, no editing options will be made available and you can move on to the last subsection.  At least one box must be checked for any customization tools to be displayed – both Author and Date, if opted to be shown, will be uniform in the style you create.)

  • Font Family; Text Align; Text Size; Text Colour – as above, follow past text editing instructions to customize how the name of the author and the date published will look and preview your changes in the model screen

The content comes from the excerpt of the article, if the excerpt text box is left empty, the content comes from the first sentences of the article (max. 4 lines depending on the size of the font).

  • Show – check box to display a few lines of each article/post or leave unchecked to not display any content. As above, if the box if checked, further customization tools will become available to you
  • Font Family; Text Align; Text Size; Text Colour – repeat aforementioned text editing instructions…after all the practice you can do this blindfolded by now! Preview any changes made in the model screen

Save Changes – Please, please, please, after all that hard work, DON’T FORGET TO SAVE CHANGES!!  If this small, innocuous blue button is not clicked on…


So there you have it, you have created your very own, fully customized and personalized List Template!