Estimated time to complete: 10 minutes

Before you can begin to create your personalized app, it’s essential to make sure you have the following:

  • a self-hosted WordPress (v4.7+) website* or a Business account**
  • a Google account (eg.
  • a 32-bit PNG image of the website/brand***


  • Doesn’t work with WooCommerce, just sites with content/post/articles…


* Please note that adult content is strictly prohibited (we follow the same content policies as Google, for further more detailed information, please review Content policies – Prohibited content).
** In order to upload the plugin.
*** Must include an alpha channel (full/partial pixel transparency), allowing the image to be rendered for a professional, sleek finish on your app logo.
Once all the above requirements have been met, you can get started on designing and creating your very own app! As design and content can always be edited/changed after the app has been created, simply follow this easy, step-by-step guide to see your creation come to life in minutes!
  1. Go to the Firebase website and select GET STARTED.
  2. Log in with your Google account and click on +Add Project.
  3. Choose a Project name (eg your website name) and type it in the required field.
  4. In Locations click on the grey pencil icon for two drop-down lists to appear – under Analytics location select your base country.  The Cloud Firestore location can be left unchanged (don’t worry, it’s not needed!).
  5. Scroll down to accept the terms of service and click on Create project
  6. Once the new project has been created, click on the Android bot to add an Android app to the project.
  7. Now, register the app with an Android package name – eg if your website is, you could name it or org.example.androidMake a note of this and keep it safe as you’ll need it later!.
  8. In the App nickname field, you can type, for example, the name/abbreviation/acronym of your website (this is optional so it can be left blank).
  9. Hit Register app and accept the download of google-services.json – again, don’t lose track of the file as it’ll be needed later on.

Installing the “Movipress” Plugin from your WordPress admin panel:

1. Go to the “Plugins” / “Add new” on the left main menu.
2. Type Movipress within the search box and click “Search Plugins”.
3. Choose the “Movipress” plugin.
4. Click “Install Now”.
5. Click “Activate Plugin”.


Download and Install the “Movipress” Plugin from the WordPress plugin directory:

1. Click the “Download” button.
2. Go to your WordPress admin panel, open the Plugins menu on the left main menu and click “Add New”.
3. Click upload on the top page menu.
4. Choose the “Movipress” plugin and click “Install Now”.
5. Click “Activate Plugin”.

Once the plugin is installed, you can go on to setup the basic things:

  1. Go to to create your free account and log in to your account.
  2. Go to My Account in the top right-hand corner and then select New app (on the left-hand side).
  3. Type the address of your WordPress website in the first empty text box, your address mustn’t include http:// – https:// and slash at the end (please read and follow the instructions carefully!).
  4. In the second field input the name of your app (eg name of brand/website, acronym of name etc)
  5. Now, in the next field, type the Android package name you registered with Firebase a few moments ago – the package names MUST be identical so please double and triple check this before moving on!.
  6. Open the downloaded file google-services.json – select all the content (CRTL+A or CMD+A), copy (CTRL+C or CMD+C) and paste (CTRL+V or CMD+V) into the empty text box provided.
  7. Now, remember that 32-bit PNG image you should have chosen at the very beginning?!  Click on Choose File and find this image – please note that it should be squared 500x500px with a transparent background (which is why it needs to include an alpha channel). It will work just if the image is .PNG, the dimensions are not so important if at least is squared, the system will resize it, and it will look much better with a transparent background.
  8. Next to Splash background click on Select Colour to choose a background colour which ties in with your colour scheme – it can be edited and customized at any point, so don’t worry if you don’t like how it looks!.
  9. Next to Main colour select the main colour of your brand.
  10. Next to Dark colour select a darker colour that fits with your brand colour.
  11. Hit SAVE!.
  12. Go to My account -> Dashboard and your new app should appear there, now hit BUILD.
  13. Once the app is created it will be downloaded automatically.

Note: In order to install the app directly on any device, you have to allow installing from external sources from the device settings.